Tips To Start A Small, Internet Business From Scratch

This step by step guide will show you how to start an online business that can really help you make a living from home. You can depend on the internet to make a living for yourself and this is exactly what we’re going to walk-through today.

The Internet business launching process begins with asking yourself three key questions:

1. Who? (Who’s your target audience?)

2. Why? (Why will they need you?)

3. How? (How you’re going to add value?)

Who is your target audience?

Before you start anything online you should ask yourself who your target audience is, identify them, learn more about them. You will also need to study them and understand their online behaviour in order to be specific and sure about what you’re going to put into action .

Identify your audience step by step :-

Social media presence : you’ll have to check out if they exist on facebook, twitter, gplus or instagram etc… Because you’ll know that in order to grab their attention you should focus on creating compelling content that suits social media platforms and convert fans and followers to potential customers and clients .

Go to :

search for pages in your niche …

Search engine behavior : just when you know what people are searching for in your niche, you can determine the content ideas that you’re going to craft for your audience and this is an important step that you cannot ignore.

Check Google Suggested Keywords :-

Check Keywords planner related search queries :-

Keep an eye on your audience behavior :– how do they interact on social media ?

– what is their orientation ?

– what they are searching for ?

– are they finding what they are searching for ?

– can you give them something better ?

After you answer these questions you’ll be able to identify your target audience in a way will help you move to the next stage .

Why they will need you?

Put yourself in your customers place, why they will need you anyway?, what is the difference that you’re going to make in his or her life, you have to know that if you’re going to be a copycat it won’t work for you, you can’t be a reproduction for a successful project, because you’ll never overtake it, you should know how you will convince them with what you are offering .

Quality then Quality then Quality ” Google Said “

People searching for something useful, something entertaining, something that would make their lives better in one way or another, you don’t have to work hard you’ve to work smart.

Your Competitors

This stage is divided into two main categories :-

1. Who’s my competitors ?

2. What are their weakness points ?

How you know your direct competitors ?

Most of the time your direct competitors will be the first 10 results on Google first page, but what you don’t know that you may have hidden competitors …

This is what we call players in the shade , those competitors who are relying on YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Pinterest or high authority forums …

Those competitors are much harder to overtake because they don’t depend on SEO ” search engine optimization ” but quality of content, direct connections with customers and creativity in grabbing people’s attention .

What are their weak points ?

Your direct competitors will have weaknesses and your job is to know how to find them and concentrate on achieving those points in a better way within your website pages .

On-Page Weakness points

Your competitor may have some issues in his on-page optimization, in meta tags, internal links distribution, page loading speed or content quality etc…

There are some tools will help you check your competitor onpage optimization in order to determine his weakness points

– Woorank

– Hubspot

– upcity

– w3c

Then you will need to check their off-page weakness points, and off-page referring to off-page optimization which includes links to this website from other websites on the web and which pages in his website are the most powerful and authoritative, this is simply called Link profile analysis .

here are some tools you can use to check your competitors link profiles and get a full and clear report .

– opensiteexplorer

– ahrefs

– majesticseo

How you’re going to add value

If you’re not sure of that then you’re not in the right track yet, you’ve to have some new ideas that will distinguish you from your competitors, if you don’t have some special ideas yet ok no problem, go find them here comes the ” work hard ” part you’ll need to spend sometime searching and applying some ideas before you give them to your customers and clients .

Your potential audience are distracted by your competitors already , you want to make them concentrate on your website, in order to do this you’ll need to make something remarkable, something stunning due to standards of the web, let me simplify this for you .

people on internet have problems, ambitions, desires .

in order to connect with them you’ve to know what are their problems, ambitions and desires even their hobbies …

But to create a successful website you’ll concentrate on their problems in the first place and giving ways to solve it , but how you will do that ?

Now I’ll give you my awesome blueprint that makes a difference with your visitors, customers and clients

What is the problem ?

Anyone entering your website should know from the first moment that you understand them very good, you know about their problems and the obstacles they face everyday, they should say to themselves ooh this guy knows me better than myself, every single topic in your website should help somebody somewhere, you should provide soultions, advice, ideas or even inspiration, once you identify your visitors problems you’ll be able to write content that attracts and converts .

What is different now ?

After you identify their problem you will have to help them get over it, by creating compelling and helpful content you’ll show them that the way they were dealing with their problems before they enter your website is different now so they will love to keep visiting your website in order to find more solutions for their problems .

Here you come

When you clear the dust and show them that you have the solution to their problems you’ll be able to put your product or service on the table, and they will take it because they know that you have solutions , because you know what they are suffering from, you understand them and their desires, you begin to be a trusted influencer , here where CTA ” call to action ” comes to action, and it’s your turn to be creative in your messages that will converts visits to money!

Types of internet Business

1. Blogging for money

easiest and the most interesting way to start a business online, if you love to engage with your fans directly then you’ll love blogging, blogging needs writing talent, it’s not only about words that being written but it’s about how you write them, how you engage with your visitors .

Best blogging platforms are :-

1. Blogger

2. WordPress

3. tumblr

4. Medium

5. Typepad

2. Work as a Freelancer

You love Writing, Translation, Designing or Graphics, you can make money online by applying your skills in freelancing field, you can earn more than $5000 monthly by working as a freelancer, The best thing about this is you are doing what you love and earn money at the same time, and you can choose your own clients and determine your per/hour salary .

Best Freelancing communities are :-

1. Freelancer

2. Lead Flow Experts

3. Upwork

4. Peopleperhour

5. Fiverr

3. CPA / Affiliate Market

Time costs money, and these two field turn your time to money, you can earn more than 6 figures yearly, if you master the techniques and learn how to convince people with the stuff you’re promoting, that’s requires web copywriting skills, communication skills and email list to depend on which is easy to build those days

You can build your email list by using Launch Effect tool, it can help you build your email list even before launching your website … get your account now!

Best CPA / Affiliate Networks are :-

1. ClickBank

2. ShareASale

3. CPALead

4. Jvzoo

5. Cpagrip

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