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How to Optimize Pinterest Boards for Your Small Business

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Your Pinterest boards are your first impression to other pinners, potential clients and loyal customers. They are your brand’s calling card, and provide the opportunity for you to showcase your brand, products and ideas.

Creating boards is a strategic blend of your authentic brand – who you are as a business and what people are searching for help with on Pinterest. As a business, you can use boards to show off your products and anything related to your brand that your audience may be interested in, and anything you want associated with your brand.

Pinterest is incredibly powerful when it comes to promoting your brand because this is where you can really go to town in visually representing it. The platform allows us to tell our story in a way that no other social platform does. We learn through stories and communicate through stories. You can create boards that are going to inspire, engage and connect with the target audience on Pinterest.

The more you can show who you are and how you can help your audience, the more success you will have. By telling stories with boards, we are able to inspire action and engage users on the platform.

In the following guide, Melissa Megginson takes you through the complete guide to creating Pinterest boards. You’ll learn some awesome techniques for creating great boards that speak to your brand’s strengths and inspire your target audience:

The Complete Guide to Creating Pinterest Boards

What are Pinterest boards? Most people will tell you that Pinterest boards are simply groups of Pins arranged by a topic. That’s true, but boards can also be so much more. Boards allow you to organize your content in different ways, enabling you to use your pins to tell the story of your brand.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use boards to inspire your audience. We’ll share some techniques for creating great boards that speak to your brand’s strengths, and provide a few tips and tricks along the way for keeping your boards organized and optimized. Once you understand the basics, creating and managing boards is easy to do. You’ll have the hang of it in no time!

Let’s start by taking a deeper look at what boards are, and how they work.
1. Boards?

In some ways, a Pinterest board works very much like a corkboard. You can think of it as a place where you stick your Pins together, just like you would stick magazine clippings and photos to a real-world corkboard.

If you’re browsing Pinterest and you see a Pin you love, Pinning it to a board allows you save that Pin to look at later. There’s much more to boards than just having a place to store Pins, of course. Pinterest allows you to have as many boards as you like, meaning you can create truly specialized boards around a single topic.

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Now that you have a good grasp on Pinterest boards, you’ll want to learn how you can create boards that can effectively help you grow your business. In the following video, you’ll learn how to come up with different Pinterest board ideas so you can have a cohesive Pinterest business account: